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Information Technology has made a tremendous impact in our daily lives.  Every profession requires using these I.T. Tools in some way or the other – be it Computer Systems or the Mobile Tele-Communication Devices or the Video Conferencing System, Wired & wireless Networking, security & surveillance, Smart Solution, Robots, cloud &Internet & so on.

As the information needs to be shared, computer networks are dominating the workplace today. The extrapolation of the mini-networks into the Internet and the World Wide Web bas made the world, a smaller place, a global village.  And, the power behind accessing and using information to one’s advantages can be garnered with the right skills through proper initiation and training. 

In India, we still see this as a void that needs to be filled.  The penetration and availability of all services related to IT is required urgently.  While the Indian IT Industry has come a long way, there have been several bottlenecks in the past.  However, in the recent times, one has witnessed a considerable flow of technology products from the world over with simultaneous launches in India.  This is in recognition of the most paramount wealth that exist in our country – the MANPOWER.  There is a tremendous shortage of skilled professionals in the world even today!  The need for trained personnel capable of exploiting the latest computing tools becomes significant with the rapidly changing hardware and software technology. 

The sole purpose of the Information Technology is to simplify the way everything works; take care of the jobs that are routine, yet requires a high degree of accuracy and maybe, more storage capacity.  Basically, IT allows the intelligence of the human brains to progress to higher level of performance.  Its power touches every one and every function.  From reducing long queues in super-markets to railway ticket counters to flying the sophisticated jet planes, from desktop to laptops with the busy moving corporate executive to the assembly lines of the giant factories, from the cartoon movies to the entertainment with animation & special effects, IT has made a lot of difference…. everywhere!!!

But perhaps, the most important and relevant spin off this amazing production of human innovation is that it defines the WHOLE NEW CAREER for millions across the world.  In addition, estimated three and a half million computer-related jobs would be created by Year 2020 in India alone. 



To explore and exploit the unending applications of the Information Technology Tools,

To build & deploy technical expertise in the area of Information Technology Training & Support,

To maintain the utmost standards of customer satisfaction level And,

To update constantly, from time to time, with the latest web-based value-added services and technology that are the integral part of the New Millennium.