Hardware and Sales Support

We offer a range of hardware support to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Get in touch with us.

Systems And Peripherals On Hire

The Consol Group provides Desktop & Laptops, Projectors and Peripherals on Rental for   daily, monthly & yearly basis.

Consol Group aims to satisfy both corporate and professionals by offering IT Equipment with latest technology at highly competitive rental rates.

Networking and Security Solutions

In today’s well-connected world, it is inevitable for Businesses to have faster and better network in place. Failure in network and connectivity may result in loss of business and profitability.

To support business with high quality of network and connectivity, Consol Group helps to implement Active and Passive components of networking.

With Active components such as switching, routing, wireless devices, controllers, firewall, NMS, NAC, IPS and SIEM solutions and Passive components like Copper and Fibre cabling, Consol Group provides customers with the best converged network solutions to meet their business needs.